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Horror Writing Tips: How to Scare People

06/29/2018 // 23 Comments

    You sacrificed a precious hour watching innocent people become lunch meat, and now it’s your bedtime. Tucked underneath cozy comforters, the darkness inside your mind turns on, just like the television inside your living room. You can’t use a television remote to change the channel inside your mind. If a thirsty zombie is about to give a cheerleader a hickey from hell, you can turn off the television, especially if you’re not into that kind of shit. However, your imagination keeps the show going…whether you like it or not.     Empathy is the [Click Here To Read Article...]

The Element of Expression

02/07/2014 // 6 Comments

  What does it take to forge respectable work? When we admire a masterpiece, we’re blinded by its shine: a timeless novel, an immortal painting, a haunted symphony—these creations resonate forever. It seems to be one of the greatest mysteries how a piece of expression can be forged into gold.   Are creative blacksmiths lucky? Or have they materialized mistakes so many times, they slowly acquired the skill needed to synthesize gold out of bronze? Creative blacksmiths don’t contemplate each strike of their hammer. No—they swing, and swing, while the element of their [Click Here To Read Article...]