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You’re Such a Prick!

11/21/2014 // 2 Comments

You’re walking through the woods…minding your own business…and then…something stabs you in the arm! I’m talking about prickers! You know—those spiny things that are evolutionary designed to be a literal pain in the ass. No matter what you are wearing, a prick, always seems to be able to find its way in…yeah. My youth is littered with painful memories, oh yes, my delicate hide has been punctured. There are a few cases of me being ripped backward as if the moody plant had something to say: Hey! Beat it! Get the hell out of here! I’m trying to thrive, [Click Here To Read Article...]

Ephemerally Fleeting Moments

02/01/2014 // 0 Comments

Moments never last; a sunset that bleeds gives way to the night. Happiness or clouds— both are swept away by wind or emotion. Sometimes all we’re left with is a memory. If we’re fortunate; a photograph. All around us short-lived events wilt away. So many…it’s difficult to express, or admire them all. I suppose you can say that’s what life is—a sunset being dimmed by our inevitable end. Throughout the image-gallery, you can see the evolution of clouds being sculpt by delicate windy pressure and sunlight. Eventually they faded away into an expanse of blue. Why [Click Here To Read Article...]

Skateboarding into My Past

01/30/2014 // 2 Comments

  Yes! I exhumed a skateboard from the trunk of my car.  Let this be known: I haven’t stepped on a skateboard in a very long time. No, before you ask, I came away from this experience unharmed. I didn’t slip and bruise my ass, which I expected to happen at least once. I’ve been spared that torment. It’s winter in New England, so I couldn’t board too long because my grip-tape became muddy and lost its…grip. I ALMOST landed a kick-flip! But I wasn’t able to get my left foot back on the board, which has always been my problem. I haven’t [Click Here To Read Article...]