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Shooting for the Stars: Canon Rebel XSi

07/31/2014 // 5 Comments

Is that thunder I hear? FlyTrapMan constructed a thoughtful review on the Canon Rebel XSi in terms of using it for basic astrophotography! After months and months of procrastination—the day has finally arrived. Prepare thyself! First things first: Let’s take a quick glance at this camera’s specs:   12.2 Megapixel CMOS chip 3.0 inch LCD Monitor Live View Function 3.5 fps Continuous Shooting ISO 1600 Canon 18-55 kit lens (optional) Price $450-600 Body alone – $189.00   Although the Canon Rebel XSi is a bit outdated—don’t underestimate what it can accomplish [Click Here To Read Article...]

Double Scoop of a Double Star

07/14/2014 // 6 Comments

What would you do if I strolled out of the shadows, tapped you on the shoulder, and whispered in your ear: Psst…Did you know you can see a double star system with your very own eyes? No optical aid required. Besides turning around and socking me in the eye for scaring the hell out of you (and for criminal trespassing), I bet you would unleash a verbal riposte that may go a little something like this: You think I know a damn thing about constellations? Guess what? I don’t. If that sounds like you—my friend—this insightful article is just for you! Yeah, you see, some [Click Here To Read Article...]

Bow Down to the Almighty Supermoon!!!

07/11/2014 // 6 Comments

Well? Aren’t you slacked jawed in complete awe? Look at that HUGE moon! Damn! I have never seen our nearest worldly satellite so big! Ha! What a bunch of crapola! You don’t believe the supermoon hype, do ya? Sadly, there’s nothing too special about 7/11/2014’s full moon. Sure, sure—lunar perigee happens to occur when it is full—this astronomical occurrence makes the moon about 30% brighter and 15% larger, but you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference by eye alone. If you thought this particular astronomical occurrence was rare, think again! About four [Click Here To Read Article...]

Everybody Loves Vega

07/07/2014 // 0 Comments

There’s more to summer than sweaty buttcracks and fear inducing ice cream trucks! This sunny season also graffitied the sky with a different stellar wallpaper, which I have never been a fan of. Orion, Taurus, Gemini—they’re finished clogging the night-time canvas (at least until next winter). I’ve mentioned that I was going on a globular cluster hunt this summer, however, I’d like to take the opportunity and introduce you all to my pal Vega. No—I’m not talking about that masked acrobatic from Street Fighter. …No—I’m not talking about Vincent [Click Here To Read Article...]

Blame it on the Aliens, Baby!

06/19/2014 // 4 Comments

Aliens. Yes. Aliens. Let’s get to the point, shall we? Aliens have no business perusing a rock that swings around a G-type middle-aged star. Think about it: what the hell does Earth have that’s worth traveling trillions of miles / kilometers for? And don’t say our charming, good looks. As a matter of fact: If you said our charming, good looks, my friend—that would a more valid excuse than water. Water is everywhere. Yeah, that’s right! What? You thought H2O was some mystical, magical element that can only survive on a rock called Earth? HA! Don’t make me laugh, [Click Here To Read Article...]

Shooting for the Stars: Orion Epic II ED 18mm Eyepiece

06/02/2014 // 5 Comments

For awhile now, I been in the mood to up-grade my 25mm plossl eyepiece. But my heart is now broken! You see, I plan on hunting for globular clusters as summer begins to constrict its sweaty palms around New England. As I was strolling through the grocery store, I happened to turn my head and see an Astronomy Magazine next to a box of condoms. Guess what? The issue happens to be dedicated to globular clusters! A strange coincidence, indeed. It appears Orion has discontinued the line of eyepieces I was looking for!!! I know what you’re thinking: Well, did you check Amazon? The Lord of [Click Here To Read Article...]

Don’t Drink The Lemonade!!!

05/20/2014 // 3 Comments

  Theodore marches down the side of a road as wavy specters rise off the blacktop. He wipes sweat off his brow; a blurred shape boils in the distance. The shape solidifies into two amorphous figures. Theodore walks a few more steps, and then squints his eyes: Delicious Lemonade 4 Sale Two little girls stand beside a crystal pitcher and a spire of Styrofoam cups. Theodore pauses; his chest expands as he sucks in hot air through flared nostrils: “I bet you girls are making a killing out here, huh?” They wrap their big blue eyes around the crystal pitcher. “Would you like [Click Here To Read Article...]

Shooting for the Stars: Orion Apex 102mm

04/14/2014 // 6 Comments

  What if I told you it is possible to own a telescope that can fit in your pocket? Figuratively speaking (unless you have a big-ass pocket). I’m not talkin’ about some plastic sculpture in the shape of a telescope you can purchase at Toys “R” Us with your lunch money. I’m talking about the Orion Apex 102mm maksutov! Sold for about $299.99—it comes with a walnut blue stock and a hair-trigger… …just kidding. But if you have a deadite problem, I suggest the sporting good’s department at S-Mart. You got that? Anyway, the Orion Apex 102mm [Click Here To Read Article...]

Profound Pondering: Would You Rather be Smart or Lucky?

01/10/2014 // 0 Comments

  Hey! Here’s a brain-busting question: Would you rather be smart or lucky? The answer is obvious—it’s better to be smart. An intellectually gifted individual can make their own luck, right? But that doesn’t make sense if you actually think about what I just said. Luck isn’t something you simply make, right? No, no, no! Luck is bestowed upon you by the ever prevalent universe. Or some shit like that. …Or in other words, in any given situation; an outcome turns out in your favor…even if you don’t want it to. Yes. Someone with a brain in their [Click Here To Read Article...]