Nocturnal Nightmares: Chapter 1

08/23/2018 // 26 Comments

  Fate is in your hands—wrap a leash around the neck of destiny—because you’re making the decisions around here. “You Choose the Adventure” puts you in control. Yes. You. Get behind the imaginary wheel and navigate these dynamic stories. Each chapter gives the reader three mind-busting choices: cast a vote and impart your influence upon the horror adventure. Every vote is a stone that sends ripples across the entire pond, and with enough votes, perhaps the ripple will grow into a tsunami which forever changes the landscape of the story.       Read the [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: Bobby’s Organic Maple Syrup

08/02/2018 // 12 Comments

  Spider fangs glitter as they twitch inside a dead locust. Red goo drips from the tree’s open wound, while a sticky ruby river slithers down the dry bark. Sugary sanguine droplets cling to a twig as a windy whisper ripples along the gooey spherical surface. The droplets shiver and then descend upon the spider—eight legs tangle inside the viscous prison—while the arachnid solidifies inside an amber coffin.   Sometime Later    “Oh…my Bobby boy…are you ever goin’ to learn to quit? Huh? You said you were gonna stop three summer’s [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: Clown with a Frown

07/22/2018 // 15 Comments

    I never understood why people are afraid of clowns. Are they scared of pretty colors or perhaps oversized shoes? If everyone knew what’s behind my makeup, they would never go to the circus. I’m a zombie clown. Please don’t kill me. My static, joyful expression is just face paint. The red smile hides my frown, and trust me, you don’t want to see my frown. Do you want to know what happened to the last person who saw my frown? Come closer. I’ll tell ya. I promise I won’t bite you. Stan was an animal trainer, and he owned three hungry lions: [Click Here To Read Article...]

Poetry Absurdity: Improvise Mesmerize

07/06/2018 // 11 Comments

  I don’t know what I’m going to write. Many thoughts come to mind, I don’t care if I’m right. My creativity is at stake, now is the time to design every mistake. Think too much and the expression will be convoluted. Doubt makes the message diluted. Someone has something to say. Read my inner voice. The words are never my choice. If I can’t fly, I’ll crash and die. Soar above the landscape of my imagination. Don’t need no damn destination.   [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: Dead Magic

07/04/2018 // 24 Comments

  Audience members squirm and squeal—their anticipation is hotter than an astronomical fireball. “Hello boys and gals! My name is Franz. Are you ready to see a magic show?” He says. Impatient children cheer. Older folk sip on silence. “Okay, I’ll be back in five minutes.” Franz says. Ten minutes later, a large speaker screams inside the ears of a sweaty woman. The heart inside her chest skips a beat or two. “Are you ready to see some real magic?” Franz says. The audience would like to answer the question. But the heat evaporated their [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: Drain the Brain

06/26/2018 // 11 Comments

    A candle flame shivers as an uninvited wintry gale rattles the frigid window. The icy landscape on the silvery surface melts and flows like tears. Feral fire rages inside a prison of bricks—incinerated logs crackle and spits sparks into the living quarters. “Do you think Rupert will survive the night, Fabricio?” Giles Says while fanning his straw hat. Fabricio puckers his stern lips against his golden goblet and gulps down a burning elixir. “Damn if I know.” Giles wipes a dirty hand across his brow. “People sometimes pull through, right? Shit. [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: Be Careful What You Wish For

06/23/2018 // 4 Comments

  Aqua green waves roll across an uninhabited sandy shore. “This is not fair. How come we didn’t die? Huh? It’s been, like, what? Five days? Our plane crashed and no one knows where the hell we are. How is that possible, Mitch?” Mitch squints his dry eyes toward the watery horizon. “Damned if I know. I haven’t seen a ship or boat. What about you, Ronnie? Have you seen anything?” Ronnie shakes his salty head. “Nope. Nothing. Say…are you gonna eat that crab, Fritz? Or just stand on it?” “Oh, yeah, go ahead. I’m sick of [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: A Dead Person lives Inside My Dream

06/22/2018 // 7 Comments

  Do you believe in ghosts? Yeah…I used to be just like you. There are stories about demonic spirits that refuse to see the light, but I never believed any of that fantastical bullshit. I stepped on plenty of ants. Yup, I sure did. My foot may as well have been the hand that flipped the switch —the light was on—and then it turned off. Simple as that. Here one second. Gone the next. The residual memory of who we are eventually fades into the obscurity of time, and that’s the moment when an ant is forever erased from the canvas of reality. Yeah… …that’s [Click Here To Read Article...]