Claim Your Spot Among The Stars

02/21/2017 // 3 Comments

If you think it’s expensive to claim your spot among the stars, then you’re absolutely correct! Astronomical characters of ancient lore accomplished heroic feats to earn their eternal right to lounge upon the night sky. True story: Hercules wrestled a mythical man-eating lion and won. We can all agree putting a mythical man-eating lion in a headlock deserves stellar praise! But it’s risky business. You may or may not want to put a mythical man-eating lion in a headlock, but since you’re not bestowed with the strength of 10 men, then let’s assume the mythical [Click Here To Read Article...]

It’s Okay To Look Like A Dog

01/21/2017 // 9 Comments

  Wouldn’t it be cool if the sky was brought down to Earth? Imagine if you could reach in your closet and select your very own atmospheric phenomenon. Do you want to become a living embodiment of airy ethereal forces? Mother Nature ensures the fickle characteristics of kaleidoscopic optical manifestations. Not anymore. You can now summon your own sundog, and look damn good doing it!     Sundogs appear out of thin air—hexagonal ice crystals refract light into a colorful smear, which appears within close proximity to the Sun (about 22°). Cirrus clouds often provide the [Click Here To Read Article...]

PrettyDamnGraphick Interrupts The Regularly Scheduled Program

11/17/2016 // 9 Comments

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to remind you that it’s okay to have your head in the clouds. Soar above Mt. Olympus and claim your rightful place in the stars. Designs inspired by Mother Nature: wear a cloud or brand yourself with a creative blend of natural and original graphics. Toss a match in the hamper—because when you’re pretty—you’ll be damn graphick.   Visit PrettyDamnGraphick, LLC—We bring the sky down to Earth. Click Here & Be Pretty! [Click Here To Read Article...]