FTM Moving Pictures: Gingerbread House

12/13/2018 // 14 Comments

    Let’s face it…you’re getting coal in your stocking. You made the wrong side of the list, but that doesn’t mean your holiday season has melted. Santa’s exploited elves carved plenty of useless toys, however, you’re not gonna get that wooden train you wanted as a kid. Don’t look at me like that! Blame Saint Nicholas or your big bad self. Happy holidays. No worries—even bad rugrats should get a little something something for Christmas, right? Of course! Let’s keep this early secret between you and I. Please don’t tell the fat, [Click Here To Read Article...]

Holiday Telescope Survival Guide

12/02/2013 // 0 Comments

  The holidays are nearly here. Prismatic bulbs are strung on porches. The radio is saturated with festive tunes. Do you plan on purchasing a telescope? Wait! put down the eggnog! Read this article and prevent yourself from being ripped off this holiday season.   Avoid Stores With Polished Floors & Sliding Doors   You know what I’m talking about. Avoid warehouses that supply a large variety of items: cat litter, back scrubbers, motor oil, curling irons—cheap optical toys are typically sold in places that don’t specialize in the products they’re selling. [Click Here To Read Article...]