canon 18-55 night sky

Shooting for the Stars: Canon EF-S 18-55 Kit Lens (Part 3)

06/10/2015 // 0 Comments

The Canon EF 18-55 (kit lens) is a versatile piece of glass, which many people begin their photographic journey with. The convenient twist of a barrel provides an assortment of useful focal lengths—depending on the situation—you can easily adjust the angle of view. A zoom lens (18-55) can fill a temporary astronomical niche role: Wide-angle Constellation Portraits Milky Way Imagery Lunar Scenic Landscapes Recording Meteor Showers Recording Satellites Recording Planets Recording Comets Solar Imagery (Proper filter only!!!) Atmospheric Phenomenon (sun dogs, rainbows, moon halos…) Star [Click Here To Read Article...]

Shooting for the Stars: Canon EF 18-55 Zoom Lens (Part 2)

08/21/2014 // 6 Comments

I mentioned that I was going to write about this particular lens again, but never committed myself. Until now. Prepare thyself! Grab your Canon EF 18-55 zoom lens—I’ll meet you outside. I don’t want to simply repeat myself, so I’ll try to keep this article as fresh as possible. I’ll go over a few basics, such as: Focusing Angle of view / speed Exposure lengths   Other than that, I’m going to explore the creative aspects of this lens. Feel free to read my first post on this particular lens—here. First things first: Let’s take a gander at the tale of [Click Here To Read Article...]