FTM Moving Pictures: Gingerbread House

12/13/2018 // 14 Comments

    Let’s face it…you’re getting coal in your stocking. You made the wrong side of the list, but that doesn’t mean your holiday season has melted. Santa’s exploited elves carved plenty of useless toys, however, you’re not gonna get that wooden train you wanted as a kid. Don’t look at me like that! Blame Saint Nicholas or your big bad self. Happy holidays. No worries—even bad rugrats should get a little something something for Christmas, right? Of course! Let’s keep this early secret between you and I. Please don’t tell the fat, [Click Here To Read Article...]

Cold Words: Tortured

09/11/2018 // 18 Comments

    I make bad choices. I never think more than once. Consequences never matter, until my regret regurgitates and splatters. I’m a tortured individual. Numb. Desperate. Cold, that’s what my reflection told. I have no one else to believe, but myself. I’m a tortured individual. No one else to blame, but myself. Someone like me needs no enemies, because I have myself.   [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: Drain the Brain

06/26/2018 // 11 Comments

    A candle flame shivers as an uninvited wintry gale rattles the frigid window. The icy landscape on the silvery surface melts and flows like tears. Feral fire rages inside a prison of bricks—incinerated logs crackle and spits sparks into the living quarters. “Do you think Rupert will survive the night, Fabricio?” Giles Says while fanning his straw hat. Fabricio puckers his stern lips against his golden goblet and gulps down a burning elixir. “Damn if I know.” Giles wipes a dirty hand across his brow. “People sometimes pull through, right? Shit. [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Self-Help Tactics: Are You a Chained Elephant?

06/08/2018 // 11 Comments

  Limitations and self-doubt are stronger than steel. Each limitation adds a link to the metal chain: I’m too stupid…I’m not good enough…everyone is better than me…you’ll never make it. Chain-links keep you wrapped around a limited ideal of who you are, or what you want to achieve. Some of the chain-links have been forged by other people, such as family, friends, teachers, and, of course, your enemies. Perhaps you were given the prestigious title of being a “slow learner”, or perhaps a nasty jerkwad called you ugly. And you believed all of [Click Here To Read Article...]

Nuclear Distractor

03/05/2018 // 6 Comments

    I’m gonna tell ya something a little problematic. A little catastrophic. I’m gonna spell out our doom, taken out by a big boom—electronic and atomic. Molecular confusion—we call it ‘particle fission’. Forced to breathe political ash, And it’s all because of a fucking World War 3 clash.   [Click Here To Read Article...]

Street Smartz

02/25/2018 // 9 Comments

  Ring ring ring, the school bell is ringing. Don’t be late! Open your textbook to page 208. Raise your hand. Try not to be ignorant, Or you’ll upset the tie-wearing tyrant. Scratch down those squiggly sentences—scribble-scrabble on the chalkboard, Never disobey your classroom lord.   Same old same old cookie-cutter information, Raise your hand—no way, no way—this ain’t for class participation. Aim a finger outside and say, “this may come as a total shocker but I left my textbook in my fuckin’ locker.” Make your point and use your street [Click Here To Read Article...]

Smack Talk

02/18/2018 // 9 Comments

1, 2, 3, here we go, Come up, step up, look down at me, Up against a wall. Nowhere to flee. Pop open your mouth like a switchblade—dull intimidation. Winning is my sharp justification.   Shut up, step back, listen to me, Turn around and walk— Or get bitch-slapped by my smack talk. Keep pressin’ and I’ll keep messin’, Your destiny is facedown on the sidewalk…outlined in dusty white chalk.   Listen up, sit down, I’ll show you how it’s done. Get inside your head—nowhere to run. This is all just a mind game. Some of us talk to have fun. You lost [Click Here To Read Article...]

Bloody Lunacy: How To Survive The 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

01/09/2018 // 11 Comments

  Prepare for a cosmic calamity—on January 31, 2018—a rare lunar eclipse will cause the world to explode into a million pieces. Just kidding. Do you want to see the 2018 Blue Blood Supermoon eclipse? Well, you better sip some coffee before the birds start chirping, because If you live on the east coast of the United States, you’ll only be able to observe the beginning of the lunar eclipse, which starts at 5:51 am (EST). The Moon will not be visible during the entire eclipse. Sorry. The rest of the world gets the cosmic shaft, too. Sort of. Great news! You’ll have a [Click Here To Read Article...]

Shaolin Kung Fu Master

12/10/2017 // 15 Comments

    Two fists of steel. Twirl with primal grace. Five knuckles bust your ugly face. Go ahead. Run. Retreat. Flee. I’ll unleash my fiery chi.   Sway like a crane. The answer is balanced denial. Swipe those fingered claws—counter with Tiger style. Bruises swollen and blue, feel the painful power of mystical Shaolin kung fu.   Forceful pressure stands no chance. Try standing 3 hours in horse stance. Learn to regret the fights you pick, or get knocked out by a flying butterfly kick.   Hide behind sharp steel. Laugh. I’ll still kick your ass with a simple [Click Here To Read Article...]