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Photography Coaching

You're nervous about attending the cocktail party next month. Everybody will be sharing their skills and talents, so...the question is...what are you going to share? Sign up for my photography coaching service and you'll learn some neat tricks. Guaranteed. More information detailed below.


Photography Coaching

  • No desks, no chalk, no tests, just one-on-one coaching.
  • Share your questions or concerns through email, messenger, Skype, or your favorite electronic device. The power is yours.
  • Learn at your own pace…in the comfort of your own place!

Wait. Are you a technophobe? Don’t let fear hold you back. Schedule a few photography sessions or we can meet in person. We’ll have a great time. Promise.

Option 1
  • Photography Coaching

There’s a whole world in front of your eyes. Reality is made of details—the kind of details that normal people ignore. But you’re not normal. How do I know this? Because you have that glimmer in your eyes, and it’s telling me you want to learn about reversed-coupled macro photography.

*Photography coaching price can be adjusted to fit an individual’s specific needs. Awesome!

Short Bio

What’s up? I take photographs and write stories. Enough said.