Shooting for the Moon: Free Photography Guide & Instructions

02/24/2020 // 2 Comments

Are you going outside to photograph the Moon? Hold your rocket boosters—study this free guide and learn quick, easy techniques that you can use tonight. Don’t have time to become an astronaut? Your photographs will bring the Moon down to Earth. There are 5 main ways to photograph the Moon. (composite and webcam imagery not included in this guide) Scenic landscapeTelephoto camera lensesTelescopes (prime focus)WebcamsComposite (multiple frames combined into a single image) Scenic Landscape Scenic landscape photography utilize wide-angle lenses. These type of photographs naturally [Click Here To Read Article...]

Creepy Creature Cinema: Long Longs & Short Fangs

10/05/2015 // 20 Comments

☠ The air is cold. The days are short. There’s nowhere to hide. Something is looking for you. And it has very long legs. Finger-like fangs will bring you closer to its mouth. …Did you say your prayers?…   ☠  /\/\/\/\/\_____. Sign Up For My Newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Burned” Click to Read!!!!!! ☠ Bored? Take a Trip to the Zoo! Bored? Take a Gander at the Night Sky! Bored? Visit the Fly Lounge! Bored? Visit FlyTrapMan’s Blog! [Click Here To Read Article...]

Dead Stuff: Specters, Ghosts, and Phantoms

07/08/2015 // 7 Comments

  Do ghosts exist? **….Shhhh…did you hear that?** We all heard stories, right? I’m sure you know a few. There are dark tales about demonic possession, angelic entities, vengeful phantoms, spectral manifestations, ectoplasmic beings…you get the idea. The basic premise is pretty much the same: somebody dies, and some how, some way—they managed to pull a fast one—and remain ephemerally relevant. Before I forget, yes, photographic orbs is complete bullshit. Trust me: if dust particles are spirits, then I’m one of the best Ghostbusters around. In 1861, [Click Here To Read Article...]