Creepy Creature Cinema: Long Longs & Short Fangs

10/05/2015 // 20 Comments

☠ The air is cold. The days are short. There’s nowhere to hide. Something is looking for you. And it has very long legs. Finger-like fangs will bring you closer to its mouth. …Did you say your prayers?…   ☠  /\/\/\/\/\_____. Sign Up For My Newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Burned” Click to Read!!!!!! ☠ Bored? Take a Trip to the Zoo! Bored? Take a Gander at the Night Sky! Bored? Visit the Fly Lounge! Bored? Visit FlyTrapMan’s Blog! [Click Here To Read Article...]

Dead Stuff: Specters, Ghosts, and Phantoms

07/08/2015 // 7 Comments

  Do ghosts exist? **….Shhhh…did you hear that?** We all heard stories, right? I’m sure you know a few. There are dark tales about demonic possession, angelic entities, vengeful phantoms, spectral manifestations, ectoplasmic beings…you get the idea. The basic premise is pretty much the same: somebody dies, and some how, some way—they managed to pull a fast one—and remain ephemerally relevant. Before I forget, yes, photographic orbs is complete bullshit. Trust me: if dust particles are spirits, then I’m one of the best Ghostbusters around. In 1861, [Click Here To Read Article...]