The Sun!

Darkness in the Daylight: 2017 Solar Eclipse

08/22/2017 // 11 Comments

Daylight turned into darkness—the Great American solar eclipse shutoff all the lights. People all over America lost a little bit of sunshine, and if you were one of those people, please blame the Moon! The cosmic event inspired lunatics to stare at a blazing ball of fire, however, not everyone was able to observe the full solar eclipse. A partial solar eclipse was also visible to those who didn’t reside within the path of totality. A Total Eclipse of the Clouds The clouds were a pain in the cosmic ass, of course. Moments of clarity didn’t last long, and…don’t tell [Click Here To Read Article...]

Solar Eclipse 2017: Great American Style

08/01/2017 // 9 Comments

Daylight will succumb to darkness—the Great American solar eclipse begins on August 21, 2017, and like the name cleverly suggests, the path of the solar eclipse drifts crosses a specific portion of the USA. Certain parts of Europe will be able to see a partial solar eclipse, however, totality is only visible to those who are located within the path of the solar eclipse. Hey! Slow down…are you just going to grab your neon blue Oakleys and stare at the eclipse? Come on. You might be able to get away with wearing those shades when you’re swayin’ your hips on the dance floor, [Click Here To Read Article...]

Solar Cinema: Sunspot Observation

03/30/2016 // 12 Comments

Hey! Do you have any sunblock? You’re going to need it. Trust me. If you continue reading this post and end up with a burned neck…well…don’t say I didn’t warn you.   The sun is still being lazy. What a surprise! 4.6 billion years of constant particle fusion…and this is what we get? I’m not impressed. The sun is capable of barfing plasma and spitting flares. We all seen what the sun is capable of. Drinking binges…snorting comet dust…smoking who knows what. Did you hear about that time in the asteroid belt? [Click Here To Read Article...]

Solar Cinema: Descend into a Sunspot

03/23/2016 // 11 Comments

  The sun has been rather docile lately…did you notice? Probably not. Staring at the sun is rather unhealthy. And no one likes the smell of scorched eyeballs. It’s true. Solar activity can be unpredictable, but the sun is known to have a distinct moods every 11 years. Tantrums or perhaps a hellish hissy fit can occur during periods of low activity. Watch out. Sunspots can sprout anywhere on the photosphere, or they can rotate into view. They’re kind of like stellar blemishes, but much more complicated. Blemishes can be caused by clogged pores, but sunspots are caused by [Click Here To Read Article...]

Shooting for the Sun: A Perspective on Solar Photography

12/08/2015 // 10 Comments

  Do you want to know how to photograph the sun? Unlike imaging the moon or the soft glow of celestial specters—special precautions need to be taken—so you don’t set your eyes on fire. Here’s a quick list of everything you’ll need: Common Sense A Glass Solar Filter A Telescope T-Ring Adapter (for specific camera model) DSLR Camera (with manual settings)   If you find yourself staring at the sun without any properly designed gear…you’re doing something wrong. Very wrong. If you become hypnotized by sparkling colored orbs floating across your field of [Click Here To Read Article...]