Poetry Absurdity

Poetry Absurdity: Cold as Hell

12/02/2017 // 8 Comments

      There’s a place that will make you shiver. Burr. No one is allowed to wear a jacket, that’s for damn sure. Fire. No snow. Never logical—forever paradoxical. Your last breath pays the price, you’ll freeze between two realms…like hot ice. Frigid antagonism. Rigid paroxysm. Volatile stasis foretell, the weather will be cold as [Click Here To Read Article...]

Cat Attack!

11/03/2017 // 14 Comments

  Go ahead and stare at me the wrong way. Your face looking all whack. Say what you gotta say, Prepare for my cat attack!   Bundle up—scale the altitude of my attitude. Or swim inside your sea level anger. Big mouth provokes my crude mood, Do nothin’ but harass, I’ll hiss and scratch your fuckin’ ass.   What’s wrong? You look a little red…survived a close encounter with my five-clawed reaper. Dizzy, dumb and done— Lay down…your momma called…she’s here to cure that burnin’ fever.   Regret makes you feel like [Click Here To Read Article...]

Cold Words: Bloody Knuckles

07/25/2016 // 19 Comments

  ** We interrupt your regular scheduled programing, and are now bringing you the latest breaking news! A Cold Word’s literary warhead froze the minds of innocent civilians—casualties are estimated to be in the millions. Read the following statement from the safety of your bunker: [Click Here To Read Article...]

Poetry Absurdity: Superhero

01/22/2016 // 13 Comments

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!…hey!…slow down! Guess what? Did you know the universe almost exploded? It’s true! The newspaper explains it all!…a degenerated superhero…a brilliant mad scientist…what do you say? Wanna buy a newspaper? Read all about it!   A superhero rises from a stained couch. Outside the window… graffiti… garbage… pollution. Someone dies… …someone cries… …someone lies… …someone sees it all. Yellow tights on the hanger. Purple cape on the wall. Green mask on the floor. A superhero [Click Here To Read Article...]

Poetry Absurdity: Dump Truck Blues

11/03/2015 // 16 Comments

    Blazin’ down the street, Sunshine in my eyes, Pedal to the metal, The world is passing me by!   Around the corner. Something large, Something big, I have no luck, It’s a fuckin’ dump truck!   Ridin’ the break. I’m goin’ nowhere fast. …Stop…go…crawl…stop…go…crawl… …I’ll never make it to the damn mall.   The sweet smell of pollution. If I only could pass— There would be a peaceful resolution.   Pumpin’ the breaks, I should have worn my running shoes! I’m [Click Here To Read Article...]