Ahhh! Space Bees!

11/11/2015 // 12 Comments

Oh no…no…no…no…no…this can’t be…look! Space bees! They flew across vast galactic territories and humanity is about to get stung! Okay. I’ll stop. This is a classic image of the Beehive Cluster, an open cluster of stars, residing somewhere within the constellation of Cancer. This astronomical beehive is fairly easy to locate, especially under dark skies (apparent magnitude 3.7). Shining with a collective glow of at least a thousand suns—the Beehive Cluster is relatively young—especially compared to the sun. These cosmic bees are estimated to [Click Here To Read Article...]

Loony Lunar Legend: Super Blood Moon

09/28/2015 // 17 Comments

What happened to the raining amphibians? Earth demolishing mega-quakes? Eternal burning fires? We were promised a lovely doomsday, but guess what? I’m still here—typing this damn sentence. I told you this would happen. Well…maybe next time, right? Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Nope, nada, zero, no way, I’m telling you the truth—brimstone did not rain from the vengeful sky—but something else was up there: a red faced moon. I managed to observe the full lunar eclipse, which only took me about…four years? I think. The clouds bent me over and screwed me for a [Click Here To Read Article...]

Night of the Winking Demon

08/14/2015 // 12 Comments

Did anyone see the Perseid meteor shower? You know…I had great expectations. I really did! Shooting stars fell from within my wrinkled mind. Streams of golden light dripped out of a stellar studded night sky and exploded into a kaleidoscope of burning colors. Yeah. I imagined the night sky would rain iridescent comet crumbs. **SPOILERS** None of that happened and I didn’t photograph any shooting stars. Sure, sure, sure—I witnessed a handful of burners. Not much. One was considerably bright and temporarily seared the starry sky. The rest were mere firecrackers. The meteor shower [Click Here To Read Article...]

Orange…Fat…Oh! You Mean Betelgeuse!

01/30/2014 // 2 Comments

One of the first stars I’ve become acquainted with in the night sky is the red supergiant Betelgeuse, featured as the orange star centered in the image above. Located on Orion’s left shoulder, its amber glow bleeds into blackened emptiness. Betelgeuse is one of those stars I remember seeing when I was younger, but at the time didn’t know what the hell I was looking at. This was when comet Hale-Bopp dropped by for a brief party in the inner-solar system back in the golden days of ’95. Let’s see…I was at the grand ol’ age of 10. Damn I’m getting [Click Here To Read Article...]