Infinitesimal Reality

Flower Power: A Closer Look at Spring Pollen

04/02/2018 // 9 Comments

    Colorful zombies are rising from the ground, and they’re hungry for sunlight. The fundamental aspects of nature are often unnoticeable. Subatomic particles, molecules, microbes, viruses, bacteria…the tiny stuff is everywhere, and we sure as shit can’t exist without them. Technology allows us to glimpse into the microcosm, but our squishy eyeballs were evolutionarily designed to watch television. Just kidding. Kind of. The mundane properties of our busy lives are distracting. No one wants to be eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. Big stuff matters, of course. Our [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: Spring is Frozen

03/21/2018 // 8 Comments

  A prophetic groundhog predicted this would happen. Spring sprouted on March 20, 2018, but winter refuses to melt. Unusual snowstorms are scheduled to disrupt people’s lives. Put on your earmuffs and coat—let’s shrink our perspective and take a closer look at itty-bitty pieces of cold reality. Our last investigation examined melting snow sculptures. We also enjoyed watching winter evaporate, because we also assumed winter was cooked. Finished. Down for the count. It was supposed to be over, and that’s when a damn groundhog saw its shadow. We’re you expecting [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: Winter is Melting

02/27/2018 // 13 Comments

    Winter’s cold grasp is starting to get warm. Let’s shrink our perspective and take a closer look at melting snow sculptures—crafted by the chromatic edge of sunlight. We all have seen fluffy white stuff descend from moody clouds. Now it’s time to witness the demise of a frigid season. If you’re expecting to see icy swans, well…prepare to be disappointed. You’re not going to see any of that. These snow sculptures are mutated and don’t resemble anything you have ever seen. But that’s okay. Each photographic frame represents a brief [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: Frosty Forest

12/20/2017 // 18 Comments

  Brrr! Put on your cozy earmuffs and get ready to shiver—we’re going on an itsy-bitsy expedition. No need to worry about icebergs or polar bears, because they don’t fit inside an infinitesimal reality. Shrink real low and let’s explore a frosty forest. Tiny, cold and delicate—frost sprouts like frigid saplings. A glass window becomes a field of minuscule trees and translucent leaves. A transitory existence: banished by warmth or a plastic scraper. Besides… …who wants to put their life on hold and admire frost? We have shit to do, right? Stuff the key in [Click Here To Read Article...]

Mysterious Flower Murder Mystery

08/24/2017 // 8 Comments

  ** BREAKING NEWS ** A gruesome scene was discovered on February 16, 2015. A local ice cream truck driver notified local authorities of a possible homicide. When police arrived at 45 Love Dove Street—they found a flowery white carpet stained with blood. Investigators believe the body was dragged to a different location. No weapon was discovered.   Do you want to make an anonymous tip? Call us toll free at 1-800-Stop-Crime   A Glimpse into the Microcosm   Mundane things contain unseen secrets…if you look close enough. Flower petals were evolutionary designed to [Click Here To Read Article...]

Put On Your Coat Before You Read This Post

12/24/2016 // 8 Comments

Brrr! It’s a winter wonderland out there. A mysterious substance thrives in cold temperatures—frost. Oh, you heard of it, right? The stuff you have to scrape off your car windshield every damn morning (if you happen to be an unlucky individual). Frost is often ignored, and for good reason.     Why would any sane person want to take a closer look at something which usually causes a minor inconvenience? Snow gets all the attention. You can ski on snow, even sled! When is the last time someone skied on frost? “Hey Jim! Let’s go hit the slopes! There’s a [Click Here To Read Article...]

The Stuff Sparkles Are Made Of

12/20/2016 // 24 Comments

  Have you ever picked up a fancy holiday relic, and then discovered that your hands are covered in sparkly shit? You know…those itsy-bitsy shiny particles. Yeah. Those things. You can blow, rub, wipe, smear—it doesn’t matter! Glitter has a great reputation of pissing people off. Think about it. How many times have you looked down and gritted your teeth at a constellation of sparkles across the palm of your hand? Or… …What about those red face inducing moments that occurred when you looked in the mirror and witnessed sparkly shiny things all over your forehead? [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: Stained Leaf Window

11/07/2015 // 12 Comments

The microcosm contains gargantuan worlds. There are imperceptible realities all around us. We are blinded by our own worries or goals: what am I going to eat? Who am I going to marry? Am I making enough money? Will I be fired? Is my wife fucking the gardener? These questions and concerns infect everybody. There’s only enough hours in the day to ponder our own speck of an existence—why consider what’s under our feet? Take a look at this: What do you see? Green and gold panels of glass blended together…morning light bleeds through the windows, illuminating the scrambled and [Click Here To Read Article...]