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Flower Murder Mystery: Blood Stained Petal

11/09/2015 // 4 Comments

** Special Report **  A gruesome scene was discovered on February 16, 2015. Approximately at 2:36pm—an unidentified pedestrian notified authorities of a possible homicide. Police arrived at the scene and concluded the following: a flowery white carpet was stained with blood. The body was possibly dragged to a different location. No weapon was recovered. For viable leads: call 1-800-Stop-Crime The case arrived on my desk about a month ago. A brown folder. No labels. I remember my fingers gliding over the folder’s smooth skin. Doubt crept into my skull: are you sure you want to open [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: Stained Leaf Window

11/07/2015 // 12 Comments

The microcosm contains gargantuan worlds. There are imperceptible realities all around us. We are blinded by our own worries or goals: what am I going to eat? Who am I going to marry? Am I making enough money? Will I be fired? Is my wife fucking the gardener? These questions and concerns infect everybody. There’s only enough hours in the day to ponder our own speck of an existence—why consider what’s under our feet? Take a look at this: What do you see? Green and gold panels of glass blended together…morning light bleeds through the windows, illuminating the scrambled and [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: City on the Leaf

11/04/2015 // 9 Comments

There are hidden worlds all around us. You stomp on subtle universes all day long, and never realize it. The belly of a raindrop…frost pillars…flower teeth… …Is the reality of a dewdrop any less significant than yours? Hmmm…. Take a look at this: What do you see? Never-mind what it is. What does it look like? Does it seem otherworldly and oddly familiar? I may have an explanation, which I’ll ask, in the form of another question: Doesn’t the image look a city at night—photographed from an unfathomable altitude—where the satellites float? Look [Click Here To Read Article...]

Welcome to Mount Screw

01/28/2015 // 4 Comments

  There are a menagerie of deadly mountains. Some of them reach into the clouds. Some of them spontaneously erupt. Some of them were sought by dedicated hobbits. Are you insane enough to climb a mountain of brutish steel? Do you possess the dexterity needed to ascend upon a metallurgic surface? A surface that cannot be punctured by meek axes or pathetic chisels. The path to the top is littered with cold adventurers—deathly monuments—that serve to remind you of your detestable demise. Welcome to Mount Screw   A constricted coil raises beyond an unimaginable pinnacle.   [Click Here To Read Article...]

You’re Such a Prick!

11/21/2014 // 2 Comments

You’re walking through the woods…minding your own business…and then…something stabs you in the arm! I’m talking about prickers! You know—those spiny things that are evolutionary designed to be a literal pain in the ass. No matter what you are wearing, a prick, always seems to be able to find its way in…yeah. My youth is littered with painful memories, oh yes, my delicate hide has been punctured. There are a few cases of me being ripped backward as if the moody plant had something to say: Hey! Beat it! Get the hell out of here! I’m trying to thrive, [Click Here To Read Article...]