Cold Words

Cold Words: Tortured

09/11/2018 // 18 Comments

    I make bad choices. I never think more than once. Consequences never matter, until my regret regurgitates and splatters. I’m a tortured individual. Numb. Desperate. Cold, that’s what my reflection told. I have no one else to believe, but myself. I’m a tortured individual. No one else to blame, but myself. Someone like me needs no enemies, because I have myself.   [Click Here To Read Article...]

Cold Words: Bloody Knuckles

07/25/2016 // 19 Comments

  ** We interrupt your regular scheduled programing, and are now bringing you the latest breaking news! A Cold Word’s literary warhead froze the minds of innocent civilians—casualties are estimated to be in the millions. Read the following statement from the safety of your bunker: [Click Here To Read Article...]

Cold Words: Come Play With Me!

09/15/2015 // 7 Comments

You play with fists. I play with knives. You play with knives. I play with guns. You play with guns. I play with rockets. Finger on the trigger. Hand on the grip. Don’t take one more step—it will be your final trip. Come play with me! You punch. I stab. You shoot. I live. Yes, I’m ready to play! You talk. I walk. You back off. I push forward. You apologize. I don’t. Haven’t you been payin’ attention? This is nothing but a game, Motherfucker. I’m here to play! No regrets. No rules. No laws. I’m a cheater. Always something up my sleeve. Wanna see? [Click Here To Read Article...]