Backyard Stars

Confused Stellar Lizard Needs Help

11/10/2014 // 2 Comments

Quick question: what is your favorite constellation? Most people will say classics, such as—Orion, Leo, Ursa Major, Sagittarius, Scorpius and blah, blah, blah. Those are very respectable constellations! I mean, who doesn’t like Orion, right? Orion’s Belt is arguably one of the most prominent stellar ornaments. Orion’s choice of fashion makes everything else around it look like shit. There’s also a famous nebula close by, but who cares about space gas? Everyone. Let’s pretend that you asked me what my favorite constellation is. My answer will always be: Lacerta. [Click Here To Read Article...]

Bizarre Star: The Winking Demon

10/29/2014 // 2 Comments

  I felt the unmistakable pressure of being watched.   A glimmering eye leered down—the shimmer of eternal turmoil. I found myself in the demon’s gaze, its chromatic pupil shivered against a restless atmosphere. The demon in the sky is fickle with its dull luminescence. It grew weak against the night, only to refurbish its fiery hypnotism with predictable dedication.   I felt the unmistakable pressure of being watched.   The night froze my breath into wispy specters, they momentary danced and vanished into the celestial unknown. And there the Demon Star glowed—an [Click Here To Read Article...]

Night Specters: The Haunted Stars

10/10/2014 // 3 Comments

  There are ghastly shapes above our heads. When the nights are dark and cold—ghosts of the night come alive. Ephemeral… tenuous… these night specters are buried at the edge of our perception. These are the things that make you squint and question if you actually see anything at all. But you do see it—the ghosts of the night. Once seen, they can never become unseen. The eternal haunting will be with you into until the day you die, and even then, there’s no guarantee you will rest in peace. These are the ghosts of autumn. Admire with caution.   Specters in the [Click Here To Read Article...]

For Information: Dial 1-800-Altair

09/18/2014 // 4 Comments

Summer is almost over. It would be awfully wrong of me to end the summer without discussing the last star of the Summer Triangle. Makes sense, right? Ahhhh: Altair. What could I say about my stellar friend in the sky? Turns out not much of anything! Off the top of my head I know a few facts about Altair, but that’s about it. Altair happens to be one of them fancy stars I use to navigate the sky with. Vega is another one of them fancy stars. Altair is pretty easy to find, especially if you are able to locate Deneb and Vega. From my location (EST), if I were to go outside around dusk, all [Click Here To Read Article...]

Never Fear! Deneb is Here!

08/25/2014 // 0 Comments

If you were to go outside past midnight (EST) on a summer’s eve and crank your eyes to the sky—what would you see? Yup, you’d see stars, but don’t be a smart ass! I’m referring to a peculiar star known as Deneb in the Constellation Cygnus. **AHEM** allow me to put on my wizard hat and cast a few spells to highlight what I’m talking about. As you can see in the image above, I graciously added lanes of white to highlight the constellation Cygnus. Cygnus is an easy constellation to locate. Look for a cross-like asterism that is situated below Vega. It’s a [Click Here To Read Article...]

Double Scoop of a Double Star

07/14/2014 // 6 Comments

What would you do if I strolled out of the shadows, tapped you on the shoulder, and whispered in your ear: Psst…Did you know you can see a double star system with your very own eyes? No optical aid required. Besides turning around and socking me in the eye for scaring the hell out of you (and for criminal trespassing), I bet you would unleash a verbal riposte that may go a little something like this: You think I know a damn thing about constellations? Guess what? I don’t. If that sounds like you—my friend—this insightful article is just for you! Yeah, you see, some [Click Here To Read Article...]