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The Moon Can’t Prevent Forest Fires

03/19/2016 // 21 Comments

☠ The moon ain’t scared of a little fire! Asteroids bashed the lunar surface about 3.8 billion years ago. Molten blood seared the desolate world. Blistering rocks rained, tumbled, and pummeled—countless craters shattered the loony environment.   Keyfra kept her eye on the sky while a local forest fire polluted the sky with smokey pollutants. Did that stop her from taking a lunar portrait? Of course [Click Here To Read Article...]

A Very Sophisticated Rock

03/06/2016 // 15 Comments

☠ There’s a big ‘ol rock next door. It’s moody. Full of craters. You know what I’m talkin’ about.   Keyfra kept her eye on the sky and managed to bag and tag 4 lovely lunar portraits—and she accomplished the task without using a telescope! Most people think you need a telescope to photograph the moon, but Keyfra proved that it’s possible with an ordinary camera [Click Here To Read Article...]

Dead Things: The Bridge Between Life and Death

03/05/2016 // 22 Comments

☠ You live. And then you die. It’s as simple as that. Well…not really.   Col. B. Buster and friends travel through a fantastical forest while frenzied dark denizens moan and groan. The group soon grow tired and set-up camp beside a man-eating tree. Between yawns and snores—the tides of dream carry them to a place no mortal belongs: the bridge between life and [Click Here To Read Article...]

The Moon in the Blue

03/02/2016 // 4 Comments

When the sun goes to sleep, the moon comes out to play. That’s the way it works, right? Keyfra kept an eye on the sky while walking her dog and noticed something strange—the moon was awake…during the day! But how can this be? The sun was obviously wide awake, which meant that the moon should of been sleeping and safely tucked underneath the horizon’s comfortable [Click Here To Read Article...]

Loony Lunar Light Luminescence

02/24/2016 // 5 Comments

☠ Don’t worry! You didn’t accidentally nibble on a psychedelic mushroom!…I think.   Paula Graham kept her eye on the sky and a chromatic lunar light show exploded out of nowhere like a Pink Floyd concert. Concentric colored rings hooped around the moon: rainbow hues of red, green, purple and blue. Kaleidoscopic atmospheric phenomenon is not limited to the big fiery ball in the sky—the moon can also put on a [Click Here To Read Article...]