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FTM Short Story: Be Careful What You Wish For

06/23/2018 // 1 Comment

  Aqua green waves roll across an uninhabited sandy shore. “This is not fair. How come we didn’t die? Huh? It’s been, like, what? Five days? Our plane crashed and no one knows where the hell we are. How is that possible, Mitch?” Mitch squints his dry eyes toward the watery horizon. “Damned if I know. I haven’t seen a ship or boat. What about you, Ronnie? Have you seen anything?” Ronnie shakes his salty head. “Nope. Nothing. Say…are you gonna eat that crab, Fritz? Or just stand on it?” “Oh, yeah, go ahead. I’m sick of [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Short Story: A Dead Person lives Inside My Dream

06/22/2018 // 4 Comments

  Do you believe in ghosts? Yeah…I used to be just like you. There are stories about demonic spirits that refuse to see the light, but I never believed any of that fantastical bullshit. I stepped on plenty of ants. Yup, I sure did. My foot may as well have been the hand that flipped the switch —the light was on—and then it turned off. Simple as that. Here one second. Gone the next. The residual memory of who we are eventually fades into the obscurity of time, and that’s the moment when an ant is forever erased from the canvas of reality. Yeah… …that’s [Click Here To Read Article...]

Moon Mysteries: Lunar Cave

06/20/2018 // 8 Comments

  For at least 4.51 billion years—the Moon’s rocky face has been jabbed and whacked by rude asteroids. The history of violent events is forever recorded on the lunar landscape. Mountainous scars create a strange landscape, and mysteries are tucked inside cold shadows. We often take the Moon for granted or forgot that it’s a world still worth exploring. Put on your space suit and let’s solve a Moon mystery.   Bears, Lunar Pits & Mysteries Smart alecs know everything about lunar craters…what about lunar caves, though? Fancy orbiters whipped around the [Click Here To Read Article...]

Poetry Absurdity: Blue Crocodile

06/19/2018 // 5 Comments

  Sharp teeth. Cold blood. Scales and claws. If you see bubbles on the water, try not to scream! I’m just prowlin’ through the dirty mud.   I love to lounge in the rays of the Sun. It’s just me, though. No one is ever around. The birds or tasty mammals, they look at me…turn and run.   Don’t ignore my sharp eyes. Don’t be in denial. There’s a cool reptile lookin’ through you. I’m not in the mood too eat! Please just listen to my song— the endangered cry of a blue crocodile.   Leather jacket and shades. Mouth full of [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Self-help Tactics: Nowhere to Run

06/18/2018 // 2 Comments

  You’re fed up and can’t take it anymore. You packed your bags. Don’t have time to say goodbye. That’s all fine and dandy, however, there’s just one problem—you’re carrying to much baggage, and it’s not your lovely suitcases, either. The baggage is tucked deep inside your dark soul. Do you think your environment is the source of all your problems? A true vagabond doesn’t care about expensive luggage, but you insist on carrying a bag full of pricey undies. You’re putting on warpaint and will never step foot on the battlefield. Sure, [Click Here To Read Article...]

Poetry Absurdity: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

06/18/2018 // 4 Comments

    Sittin’ in my car, ridin’ down the street, Volume turned up, accelerator depressin’, Get out of my damn way, or you’ll be splattin’. I’m goin’ somewhere, don’t know where I’m goin’, Window rolled down, breeze playin’. Speedin’ down the road, headlights glowin’, Destination nowhere, engine blowin’. Don’t care if I’m smackin’ a brick wall, Someone start towin’, I’m just cruisin’ for a bruisin’.           [Click Here To Read Article...]

Devils & Dust: Mars Is For Sale

06/17/2018 // 8 Comments

  Pssst…are you in the mood to buy something special? Are you tired of planet Earth? Step right up and purchase your very own piece of Martian land! For a measly price of $35—you’ll become a proud Martian landowner, and you never even have to put on a complicated space suit. A special land deed details the exact location of your certified purchase. Each one acre land is full of devils, dust and…well…that’s about it. What are you waiting for, Earthling? This deal can’t last forever! Drain your fat wallet, that way you can become a true Martian. Earth [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Self-help Tactics: Tie Your Shoes

06/16/2018 // 11 Comments

  Watch out! You’re gonna fall flat on your nose, and it’s because you neglected to tie your fashionable Reeboks. Cruddy shoelaces flapping all over the concrete—one wrong step and you’ll topple like a Jenga tower, my wobbly friend. We often take our shoes for granted, however, rubbery soles keep us connected to planet Earth. Sure, sure…Issac Newton proved that gravity is also important. Gravity loves to bully wobbly people, though. If you have solid footwear, gravity can’t push you down. It’s simple physics.   You Gotta Tie Before You Walk Do [Click Here To Read Article...]

FTM Self-help Tactics: Open Your Window

06/15/2018 // 9 Comments

  Is it dark in here, or is it just me? Your dank room is stuffy and it also smells like a rotten skunk. Pee-ew. Do you have an extra clothespin? I’m gonna have to pinch my nostrils shut. Thank you. A dark room demotivates our soul, and also casts an intrusive shadow on our motivation. Who wants to slay goals…if there hamper is full of depressed outfits, or there are dinner plates decorated with crusty substances? Is it pasta sauce? Nobody knows, and that’s a BIG problem. A productive environment motivates people to kick the crap out of their tasks, but a dark [Click Here To Read Article...]