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Shooting for the Moon: A Perspective on Prime Focus Astrophotography

09/01/2017 // 9 Comments

  You look a little funny…Oh! You’re infected with full Moon fever. Fire up your camera and get ready to photograph a celestial body. Does that sound sexy? Do craters turn you on? When you’re ready to stop blushing, please read this Moon photography guide, because protection is important, and no one likes an overexposed Moon. Trust me.   It’s Never Polite to Overexpose   Don’t get it twisted—the full Moon is pretty damn bright, and that’s all you need to know. A more sophisticated explanation involves comparing astronomical apparent [Click Here To Read Article...]

Mysterious Flower Murder Mystery

08/24/2017 // 8 Comments

  ** BREAKING NEWS ** A gruesome scene was discovered on February 16, 2015. A local ice cream truck driver notified local authorities of a possible homicide. When police arrived at 45 Love Dove Street—they found a flowery white carpet stained with blood. Investigators believe the body was dragged to a different location. No weapon was discovered.   Do you want to make an anonymous tip? Call us toll free at 1-800-Stop-Crime   A Glimpse into the Microcosm   Mundane things contain unseen secrets…if you look close enough. Flower petals were evolutionary designed to [Click Here To Read Article...]

Darkness in the Daylight: 2017 Solar Eclipse

08/22/2017 // 11 Comments

Daylight turned into darkness—the Great American solar eclipse shutoff all the lights. People all over America lost a little bit of sunshine, and if you were one of those people, please blame the Moon! The cosmic event inspired lunatics to stare at a blazing ball of fire, however, not everyone was able to observe the full solar eclipse. A partial solar eclipse was also visible to those who didn’t reside within the path of totality. A Total Eclipse of the Clouds The clouds were a pain in the cosmic ass, of course. Moments of clarity didn’t last long, and…don’t tell [Click Here To Read Article...]

Cosmic Headbangers

08/10/2017 // 7 Comments

  Planet Earth was jabbed in the eye 65 million years ago—an asteroid dropped from the cosmic vault and KO’d the dinosaurs. The scar can still be seen today, just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Earth was involved in another brawl much earlier in it’s boxing career. Thea, a young proto-planet, delivered a glancing blow across the jaw. Theia wasn’t a lightweight asteroid, either! The heavy hitter was about the size of Mars, and if Theia landed a solid uppercut, Earth’s face would have exploded into 14 bazillion pieces. But… …that didn’t [Click Here To Read Article...]

Grow Your Own Dinosaur

08/05/2017 // 8 Comments

  Earth used to be ruled by gigantic things with pointy teeth. The landscape trembled, quaked, and shivered—terrible lizards chomped with their serrated maws, and the vanquished ended up inside the belly of the victorious. A BIG rock dropped from the eternal black void about 65 million years ago. The apocalyptic force razed the planet’s surface and warped the environment into a living hell. Dinosaurs exploded like firecrackers. Everything else disintegrated. However… …scientists recently discovered a special volcano, and when they poured water into its protective [Click Here To Read Article...]

Venus: Never Trust a Cloudy Planet

08/04/2017 // 11 Comments

Never trust a cloudy planet—cosmic secrecy haunts inquisitive minds. Sparks of ideas electrify nonsensical thoughts, as they rise from the dark depths of our evolutionary bewilderment. We are hardwired to fill in the gaps with silly putty. Spark that lighter, ignite the wick, and straddle that damn bottle rocket: we’re going to hell Venus.   Ugly Face Behind The Cloudy Veil   Most terrestrial planets have the common decency to show their face, however, Venus wears a cloudy veil which masks her ugly face. Just kidding. Or am I? You see… …Venus appears to be a hazy [Click Here To Read Article...]

Mars Is The Worst Planet In The Solar System

08/02/2017 // 22 Comments

  Mars sucks and everyone knows it. Pack your lunch and straddle your favorite bottle rocket—we’re gonna blastoff to the Red Planet! The solar system is full of cosmic losers…pieces of rock, metal, and ice that failed to become respectably spherical. Let’s explore five more red reasons why Mars sucks the celestial big one.   1. Mars Is Too Damn Dusty   Okay. First things first, let’s go ahead and state the obvious—Mars is full of dust. Do you feel like getting your oxford wingtips dirty? Exactly. Mars is not the type of place where you can wear a [Click Here To Read Article...]

Solar Eclipse 2017: Great American Style

08/01/2017 // 7 Comments

Daylight will succumb to darkness—the Great American solar eclipse begins on August 21, 2017, and like the name cleverly suggests, the path of the solar eclipse drifts crosses a specific portion of the USA. Certain parts of Europe will be able to see a partial solar eclipse, however, totality is only visible to those who are located within the path of the solar eclipse. Hey! Slow down…are you just going to grab your neon blue Oakleys and stare at the eclipse? Come on. You might be able to get away with wearing those shades when you’re swayin’ your hips on the dance floor, [Click Here To Read Article...]

…Are You Lost? Ask The North Star For Directions

04/07/2017 // 14 Comments

  You’re lost in the woods. The coyotes are hungry. You don’t have a map. Or a compass. Or a flashlight. Or a cellphone. You’re trapped inside an arboreal prison. How are you going to breakout and find your way back to camp? Shhh…did hear that? The coyotes are howling. Quick. Let’s get out of here. So… …here’s the plan. Use the Big Dipper     All you need to do is locate the Big Dipper. Easy, right? Ursa Major is a bright circumpolar constellation in the northern hemisphere. Two stars in the dipper asterism point to Polaris: Merak [Click Here To Read Article...]

Astrophotography: The Blue Hour

03/31/2017 // 10 Comments

Every educated photographer on planet Earth is familiar with the Golden Hour. Shhh…come a little closer…I’m gonna whisper a top secret in your ear…just kidding! I’m gonna tell you a secret but forgive me if I don’t whisper in your ear (you’ll have to pay me extra). The golden hour gets all the hype, but did you know there’s another hour? Yup, it’s true! This special time of evening is called the “blue hour”. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? There are a few cosmic events that can be seen during the the blue hour. Planets are usually [Click Here To Read Article...]