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2018 Backyard Astronomy Events: Conjunction, Partial Solar Eclipse, Meteor Showers & More

04/20/2018 // 0 Comments

    Put on your space helmet and let’s explore the night sky. A variety of astronomical wonders can be observed during 2018. Host your own meteor shower party, or schedule some time to photograph an astronomical conjunction. Mars is also getting ready to wage war—do you have what it takes to survive the battle? Arm yourself with a celestial infographic and choose your own cosmic adventure.     Astronomical conjunctions are relatively common, so take advantage of the situation and scratch this event off your bucket list.  July 15, 2018—the Moon and Venus will [Click Here To Read Article...]

Flower Power: A Closer Look at Spring Pollen

04/02/2018 // 9 Comments

    Colorful zombies are rising from the ground, and they’re hungry for sunlight. The fundamental aspects of nature are often unnoticeable. Subatomic particles, molecules, microbes, viruses, bacteria…the tiny stuff is everywhere, and we sure as shit can’t exist without them. Technology allows us to glimpse into the microcosm, but our squishy eyeballs were evolutionarily designed to watch television. Just kidding. Kind of. The mundane properties of our busy lives are distracting. No one wants to be eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. Big stuff matters, of course. Our [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: Spring is Frozen

03/21/2018 // 8 Comments

  A prophetic groundhog predicted this would happen. Spring sprouted on March 20, 2018, but winter refuses to melt. Unusual snowstorms are scheduled to disrupt people’s lives. Put on your earmuffs and coat—let’s shrink our perspective and take a closer look at itty-bitty pieces of cold reality. Our last investigation examined melting snow sculptures. We also enjoyed watching winter evaporate, because we also assumed winter was cooked. Finished. Down for the count. It was supposed to be over, and that’s when a damn groundhog saw its shadow. We’re you expecting [Click Here To Read Article...]

Nuclear Distractor

03/05/2018 // 6 Comments

    I’m gonna tell ya something a little problematic. A little catastrophic. I’m gonna spell out our doom, taken out by a big boom—electronic and atomic. Molecular confusion—we call it ‘particle fission’. Forced to breathe political ash, And it’s all because of a fucking World War 3 clash.   [Click Here To Read Article...]

Infinitesimal Reality: Winter is Melting

02/27/2018 // 13 Comments

    Winter’s cold grasp is starting to get warm. Let’s shrink our perspective and take a closer look at melting snow sculptures—crafted by the chromatic edge of sunlight. We all have seen fluffy white stuff descend from moody clouds. Now it’s time to witness the demise of a frigid season. If you’re expecting to see icy swans, well…prepare to be disappointed. You’re not going to see any of that. These snow sculptures are mutated and don’t resemble anything you have ever seen. But that’s okay. Each photographic frame represents a brief [Click Here To Read Article...]

Street Smartz

02/25/2018 // 9 Comments

  Ring ring ring, the school bell is ringing. Don’t be late! Open your textbook to page 208. Raise your hand. Try not to be ignorant, Or you’ll upset the tie-wearing tyrant. Scratch down those squiggly sentences—scribble-scrabble on the chalkboard, Never disobey your classroom lord.   Same old same old cookie-cutter information, Raise your hand—no way, no way—this ain’t for class participation. Aim a finger outside and say, “this may come as a total shocker but I left my textbook in my fuckin’ locker.” Make your point and use your street [Click Here To Read Article...]

Smack Talk

02/18/2018 // 9 Comments

1, 2, 3, here we go, Come up, step up, look down at me, Up against a wall. Nowhere to flee. Pop open your mouth like a switchblade—dull intimidation. Winning is my sharp justification.   Shut up, step back, listen to me, Turn around and walk— Or get bitch-slapped by my smack talk. Keep pressin’ and I’ll keep messin’, Your destiny is facedown on the sidewalk…outlined in dusty white chalk.   Listen up, sit down, I’ll show you how it’s done. Get inside your head—nowhere to run. This is all just a mind game. Some of us talk to have fun. You lost [Click Here To Read Article...]

Roman Romance Dating Advice: Flowers, Biters & Whips

02/14/2018 // 8 Comments

  Do you smell that? The flowery perfume of insincere affection intoxicates lonely souls—it’s Valentine’s Day. Open the box of heart-shaped chocolates and satisfy your insatiable craving. Everyone has needs. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a mosquito bite and the sting of Cupid’s arrow. Love is itchy. Roman Romance will tell you if the itch is worth the scratch.   Question #1 Marcus Madeup Thanks for having me on the show, Roman. I stole a red flower from my neighbor’s garden and then gave it to my lifelong crush. The flower [Click Here To Read Article...]

Elon Musk Launched a Sports Car Into Space

02/12/2018 // 17 Comments

Are you ready to break the speed limit? Put on your seatbelt and let’s go to Mars. SpaceX recently tested their new Falcon Heavy rocket, however, launching a new rocket wasn’t enough. Elon Musk topped the technological sundae with an expensive cherry—a red Tesla 2008 Roadster. Because that’s what smart people do.     Falcon Heavy is currently the most impressive bottle rocket. Adorned with 3 magical cores and 27 Merlin engines—Falcon Heavy can lift a little more than 13 African bush elephants, which totals less than 175,000 pounds (79,378 kg). A single African [Click Here To Read Article...]

Weapon of Mass Instruction

02/04/2018 // 12 Comments

Intercontinental ballistic antagonistic, tyrant mouths spitting the same old music. Hollow rhetoric makes everyone sick, especially if you believe a chauvinistic prick.   Education defuses media destruction, launch your weapon of mass instruction. Protect true knowledge from political corrosion, or sit back and watch our broadcasted extinction.   They’ll start a war. They’ll take it personal. The winner will be the one with the biggest nuclear arsenal. Combustible egos—dry and fissile. Collateral civilization burned by a Hellfire missile.       [Click Here To Read Article...]