What’s going on? You clicked on this page, so that means you want to know a little something about me. Well…fine. Sit back, relax and I’ll spill the beans.

Let’s start with the boring basics: my name is Matt and I’m from a small town in New England. I enjoy strolling along the beach and my favorite color is gray (just kidding about the first part, not the second).

As a young tadpole, I wasted my youth daydreaming, while I was supposed to be engaged in productive activities, like coloring maps or solving crossword puzzles.

When I morphed into a full-fledged frog, everything was the same…except for one difference — legs. No longer limited by the small pond’s expectations, I hopped around during my high school years. I was over there instead of being over here. And then I was over here instead of being over there. Constant trouble propelled me straight into an uncomfortable chair, located in front of the principal’s desk, and just like Napoleon, administrators exiled me to a different educational system. I fought my way back, by proving I was capable of falling in line.

That didn’t last .

Toward the end of my high school campaign, I enlisted to join a non-traditional form of education, because I had to complete 12-15 credits…including gym.

Despite my non-existent commitment, foul grades and reputation, I magically graduated high school but lacked any desire to pursue a “higher education”.

During my 20s, after a couple of run-ins with Johnny Law , I stayed out of trouble and delved deeper into personal interests: creative writing, amateur astronomy, and photography, for more than a decade.

Back in 2013, somewhere in my brain, a bright idea illuminated the darkness: create flytrapman.com. So…I did. This website evolves by sharing ideas, experience, knowledge, fictional stories, and other forms of expression or entertainment.

Have a blast exploring my website, and thanks for being nosy.