Poetry Absurdity: Blue Crocodile


Sharp teeth. Cold blood.

Scales and claws.

If you see bubbles on the water,

try not to scream! I’m just prowlin’ through the dirty mud.


I love to lounge in the rays of the Sun.

It’s just me, though. No one is ever around.

The birds or tasty mammals,

they look at me…turn and run.


Don’t ignore my sharp eyes. Don’t be in denial.

There’s a cool reptile lookin’ through you.

I’m not in the mood too eat! Please just listen to my song—

the endangered cry of a blue crocodile.


Leather jacket and shades.

Mouth full of pointy things.

Jean pockets empty.

No reason to carry dangerous switchblades.


Some people say this croc is down on his damn luck.

What kind of beast sleeps in the dirty muck?

Allow me to answer—

the kind that don’t give a flying fuck.


I met a cow down by the river and she said, “Moo?”

A silly question.

My favorite color…

the answer shall always be blue.


200 million years old,

and here to stay.

Meteorites love to rile,

But space rocks can never kill a blue crocodile.













Author: FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

8 thoughts

  1. Once in a blue moon, you see a blue croc. Could it be due to them both reflecting off of each other. Or, some nasty pollutants all mixed into making them all blue? Now that would make me feel real blue, bro’.

    Liked by 1 person

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