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Torpedo the Soul



Lock on,

ready, aim, fire!

Sonar cries ping, ping, ping.

The anomaly is not a liar.


There’s one-way to defeat.

Destroy each other’s fleet.

Go ahead and guess my number—you think won the goal,

that’s when a torpedo explodes your soul.


Think again. No more chances.

This ain’t no cheap board game. No plastic parts. No rules.

Salty tears drip, drip, drip.

“Ha, you miss!”

My turn to sink your only battleship.








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17 Comments on Torpedo the Soul

  1. Ender’s game.

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  2. Same here, among other board games like Monopoly and don’t forget Life!

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  3. Deep , powerful, of our time…full of symbolism. Very good. Love you new avatar by the way!

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  4. Yes, we used to have the game. Uh oh, I’m sunk now.

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  5. I’ve had a torpedo detonated straight into my soul.
    Guts don’t explode all over the place, but the blast is excruciating anyway.
    Isn’t that what people do to each other —
    Lock onto the coordinates, squeeze the trigger, and fire away?

    Superb poem! It triggered memories…

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  6. You got a hit. No mercy I see.

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