Cat Attack!

Go ahead and stare at me the wrong way.

Your face looking all whack.

Say what you gotta say,

Prepare for my cat attack!

Bundle up—scale the altitude of my attitude.

Or swim inside your sea level anger.

Big mouth provokes my crude mood,

Do nothin’ but harass,

I’ll hiss and scratch your fuckin’ ass.

What’s wrong? You look a little red…survived a close encounter with my five-clawed reaper.

Dizzy, dumb and done—

Lay down…your momma called…she’s here to cure that burnin’ fever.

Regret makes you feel like worthless rocks.

I’ll strut a smooth move,

Bury it all inside my shitty litter box.

Our encounter was a painful blur,

Shhh…listen to me purr.

Author: FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

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