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It’s Okay To Look Like A Dog



Wouldn’t it be cool if the sky was brought down to Earth? Imagine if you could reach in your closet and select your very own atmospheric phenomenon. Do you want to become a living embodiment of airy ethereal forces? Mother Nature ensures the fickle characteristics of kaleidoscopic optical manifestations.

Not anymore.

You can now summon your own sundog, and look damn good doing it!




Sundogs appear out of thin air—hexagonal ice crystals refract light into a colorful smear, which appears within close proximity to the Sun (about 22°). Cirrus clouds often provide the necessary material needed to create favorable conditions. Sundogs are also often coupled together with cirrus clouds, but these sky canines are not loyal! Sundogs are known to vanish, and then reappear approximately 4.5 seconds later.

Wanna find your own sundog? Keep these tips in mind:


  1. Hunt during cold days

  2. Look for cirrus clouds

  3. Wait until Sun is low on horizon


1. Sundogs like cold weather, remember? If it’s a little chilly outside, then look up! You may discover an odd patch of light near the Sun. Color and intensity will vary. Sundogs can manifest as a red reflection, or exhibit subtle colorful hues. Size and shape will also vary.


2. Sky canines love to run around inside of cirrus clouds! Pay special attention to wispy clouds in the sky…you never know what’s inside them.


3. Sundogs are more apparent when the Sun is low on the horizon. You’ll most likely to see them while driving or during everyday activities.


You can test your luck and go sundog hunting…


you can buy your own sundog and become the living embodiment of airy ethereal forces . The choice is yours. Sundog beanies provide minor cold protection, but significant style! Now is your chance to be the cool kid on the block. Hey! Is that wool hat making your ears itch? Don’t put up with that shit! Wanna feel what’s it’s like when a cloud sits on your head? Of course! Wear this beanie—it’s the last ticket you’ll ever need to soar sky high…without ever leaving the ground.


Is that a sundog? Nope! Fooled you!

The image is a close-up photograph of the beanie. The difference may as well be nonexistent. Yeah. That’s right. The hypnotic colors seem to have been extracted straight from the sky. The beanie is a fateful representation of the photograph: what you see is what you get.



It used to be impossible to own a solar canine.

Not anymore.


!!** Click Here & Purchase Your Cool Sundog Beanie **!!

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9 Comments on It’s Okay To Look Like A Dog

  1. Ah, wearing a cloud on my head sounds so comfy! I just hope it doesn’t pee while it’s there. I’m no Russian mattress, you know! 😧🌨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sweet…did not know what a sundog is…now I do…!! you learn something new everyday. Oh Mr doubt you know you lucky Americans are going dark in August?? Not sure if your area will be affected though. Wish I was there.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hmmm…are you referring to the August solar eclipse? Correct — I don’t think the eastern United States will be able to see the eclipse, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the reminder!

      Liked by 1 person

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