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19 Comments on Lime Rhyme

  1. what if the lime was in a sewer line…that is what happened to me!! Oh boy!!! Nice Rhyme! Next time….

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  2. Such a sour puss. Pass one over here 😃🍈

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  3. Agree with Paula. Super great stuff! Wow!!!! Phew! I am so envious! 🙂

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  4. Ha, ha…great stuff…made my day!


  5. Okay! I’ll watch you eat a lime. 🍈

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  6. If you’re eating the lime with Patron
    And you’re not spending the night alone
    Then there’s no need to rhyme
    Just enjoy the….?

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  7. Won’t that twist your lips
    And shake your hips

    How about lemon
    Tamed with cinnamon

    Unless . . .
    You prefer another citrus

    Orange you glad you started something strange?

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  8. I’m sure if you had the time…
    But, maybe you’d rather mime…
    Or cook with thyme!

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