PrettyDamnGraphick Interrupts The Regularly Scheduled Program


We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to remind you that it’s okay to have your head in the clouds. Soar above Mt. Olympus and claim your rightful place in the stars.

Designs inspired by Mother Nature: wear a cloud or brand yourself with a creative blend of natural and original graphics.

Toss a match in the hamper—because when you’re pretty—you’ll be damn graphick.


Visit PrettyDamnGraphick, LLC—We bring the sky down to Earth.

Click Here & Be Pretty!


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9 Comments on PrettyDamnGraphick Interrupts The Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. I love that none of your products are made in a sweatshop! — and each design is original so that’s a huge plus, as well. I’ll be ordering a hoodie and the frost beanie after Thanksgiving, and I am sooooo excited! Oh, those galaxy key chains are cool, too!

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  2. Are you telling me that the hoodie does not have import duty on it? thank you about the free shipping .

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    • The hoodies and T-shirts (or any item) can be shipped internationally, but identification numbers are not provided once they leave the border.

      If you have any further questions, then feel free to email me, or you can leave a comment.

      A production page will soon be added PDG, and it will detail exactly how the shipping and products are made.


  3. That is a wonderful collection…for me it would be the hoody!! but..the conversion rate, the transport cost and then even the import…does not make it viable sadly.

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    • PDG offers free shipping on all items. International shipping takes longer, though. Hoodies and shirts are manufactured in the UK.

      I encourage you to periodically stop by the website — the front page will soon be updated.

      Thanks for visiting PDG!


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