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Poetry Obsurdity: I’m Ugly and I Love It



I got a secret to tell,

Sit right back,

The uglier I am, the better I feel.

I don’t mind not looking like you.



No, no, no,

That ain’t me.

My blemishes are beauty marks.


My scars separate me from you.

And I don’t mind.


Just a little a more space between you and I.




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10 Comments on Poetry Obsurdity: I’m Ugly and I Love It

  1. Are you fishing for compliments again? I for one, would rather be scarred outside than inside — ugliness within stains the soul. A beautiful heart is the best catch of all! You wrote a lovely, ugly poem!

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  2. Ugliness is in the eyes of the beholder. In Planet of the Apes, there was a scene when the American astronaut wanted to kiss Dr. Zirs, the female ape, she indicated she was flattered but she also also said, ” . . . but you’re so damn ugly.”

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  3. Brilliant…and those poetic words coming from such a handsome chap…yea, accepting one’s flaws or perceived flaws takes a lifetime…I know…once achieved might be too old and no one takes a blind bit of notice of you anyway…unless in Greece where the old are revered. xxx

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  4. I love the last line..”just a little space for you and i”.

    So many and so much have been said and writteb about accepting our flaws; but this poetry is far more intriguing than the rest i have read and took a brilliant approach to the subject..

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  5. Ha ha ha. Ouch.

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