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Read This Article And You’ll Become An Expert

experthand Hey! Are you tired of all that huffin' and puffin'? Don't feel like putting in any effort and still want chiseled abs? No need to get sweaty! Read the pro secrets they don't want you to know.


Your Tip Is Too Big


Don’t believe everything you read.

Planet Earth is full of contradictions. One person says do this. Another person says do that. Everyone wants to believe their way is the only way.

Information is cold and sterile.

A tip hit-list and shallow guides deny people their learning experience and instead promote hollow imitation—not the ability for an individual to think for themselves, or create their own unique ideas.

Sometimes a particular technique will work. And sometimes it won’t. We shouldn’t be baffled by this paradox. Everyone lives a different perspective, right? There’s no definitive way of doing many things, however, people still search for that “top-secret” which will shortcut the effort needed to naturally acquire a foundation of absolute understanding.

By going through the process of learning a particular interest—nothing will be hidden—because every mistake sheds light on the dark corners of our ignorance. Experts explore the shadows of their interest. People who sit on their ass and read guides explore nothing. You won’t find that fact in any self-help book. You’re welcome.


All I Know Is That I Don’t Know Nothing


People are afraid of mistakes. No one wants to be perceived as a dumb fuck.

Don’t cheapen your experience and dogmatically accept an expert’s fanatical preaching. Honor your skepticism. Discover the truth behind the cold facts.

Ha…Imagine if things were as easy as reading a list of techniques! Obviously…nothing is that simple. Otherwise…we’d all be great at everything…have six-pack abs…and all that other really cool shit. Don’t cheapen your experience or you may forfeit your own unique aspects and become another expert’s parrot.

It’s not enough to simply know a few facts.

We need to understand why the facts are true, or we’ll never be able to think for ourselves. The foundation of your experience warms a fact above freezing temperatures.

No longer is information cold—you breathed your life into it.




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14 Comments on Read This Article And You’ll Become An Expert

  1. How about a tattoo on your earlobe so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing an earring? Fact: tattoos don’t have to be forever. Try a henna tattoo. Is that hot enough for you?

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  2. I kind of think, just do your thing. Don’t worry about what someone else says is best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly! Advise can be beneficial, but if there’s a lack of understanding as to why the advise is intrinsically valuable, then it may not do any good.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. So very true….I am a great believer in thinking for yourself…the problem is…thinking is not for the fainthearted…I have been thinking all my life and still have not found the answer!! xx

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  4. “Honor your skepticism.” Great line! Your article is filled with wisdom.

    How cool that would be to get an “FTM” tramp stamp!

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