Poetry Absurdity: Imagination Is My Friend


I live in a fantasy.

But it’s better than nothing.

Some people say I’m wrong.

But they’re not alone.

Someone comforts them while they dream.

Who holds the lonely?






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20 Comments on Poetry Absurdity: Imagination Is My Friend

  1. The world is built on dreams.

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  2. I think living in a fantasy is a pretty good place to be…sure beats real life.

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  3. Loving the poem! I was thrown off at first. Is kept thinking is this still FlyTrapMan?

    Excellent work! ^_^

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    • Hey! Who wrote this poem? I swear! I didn’t do it!…don’t believe me? Damn.

      (Thanks for reading!)

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      • No worries, I apologize for the delayed reply. I was finishing up an episode of DareDevil. Xp Still season 1 because I’m behind the rest of the world, but I’m almost through with the first season.

        I’ll keep reading as long as you are writing. ^_^

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  4. I really like this. Very philosophical.

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  5. I empathise with you. xx Fabulous poem

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  6. This is a beautiful and heartfelt poem. I almost didn’t recognize it as yours — there are no cuss words! 🙂 Ah, how can you be lonely when you have us flies? xo

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  7. Conjurations is a fantastic word. I wish I wrote this poem — I miss my skin!

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