Stellar Shape-shifting Scar

Well...the Sun's bruise seems to have grown in size! Yuck. I mean...the entire Earth can probably fit inside that hematoma! Nasty.


Sunspot 2529’s blossomed into a very lovely magnetic structure. The penumbra and umbra are clearly defined and apparent, but the spore-like structures next to it seem to be stunted. For now. Will sunspot 2529 vomit a coronal mass ejection? Who knows. Probably not. But never say never, right? The Sun may become moody or experience some kind of mental paroxysm. Or the Sun may yawn…for another 11 years.


Hey! Did you notice something weird? Sunspot 2529 is shaped like a heart!


Sunspot 2529 April 13, 2016


Well…kind of. Sunspots can manifest as a variety of wacky shapes and sizes—it’s not uncommon to see peculiarly shaped magnetic structures sprout upon the photosphere. Sunspots can also change shape over time.


Let’s take a look at an earlier photograph of sunspot 2529 (April 10, 2016):

Sunspot 2529 April 10, 2016


See? The shape is completely different. Most sunspots will have a somewhat spherical structure, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Obviously. The Sun is a dynamic fusion bomb. Nothing remains static.


Hit the play button and take a closer look at sunspot 2529!



** Technical Information **

Date: April 13, 2016

Seeing: Good

Weather: Good

Telescope: Orion Apex 102mm

Accessories: Orion Solar Filter / Orion 2x Shorty Barlow Lens Camera: Canon Rebel T5i (Prime Focus)

Goal: Sunspot 2529 Shape Observation

More Information: SOHO Observatory

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15 Comments on Stellar Shape-shifting Scar

  1. Now that we know the sun has a heart, I hope it never gets broken! If the sun cries, we may enter another ice age. I heard the first one happened when the sun was rejected and told by the moon to put an ice on it. 😀

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  2. Come to think of it, perhaps sunspots might have affected the behavior of those people who trashed their copier in the movie, Office Space. Interesting how that spot does look almost heart-shaped. Another solarific video. Thanks for the share.

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  3. All this might mean there should be very good Aurora at the top and bottom of our globe?
    Never seen on my long wish list.
    Interesting article again.

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    • Unlikely. If the sunspot unleashed a flare and it hit Earth, then it’s possible aurora can form around Earth’s poles. I filmed this solar footage last month and this particular sunspot didn’t unleash a flare…but it did change shape! Haha.

      I never seen the Northern Lights, however, I heard it’s possible to see aurora from New England if conditions are right.


  4. So sunspot is not a good thing? While we are, no while I am on the subject, would love for you to take a look. I thought the sun stays? No?

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  5. all i know is sunspots are a good go-to excuse when anything starts to go whacky on the technology side of things. one time someone at work said the copier was collating correctly and i said “must be the sunspots” and he thought i was serious, and started to explain to me how sunspots could not effect how the copier works, before he realized i was being facetious.

    of course, i might have been right.

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    • Now…if the copier was in orbit, then that would be a different story! Haha. But it would be kind of difficult to retrieve papers and documents…assuming, of course, the copier survives a hypothetical solar flare.

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