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Lunar Cinema: Museum of Scars


There's a ruinous world up there in the sky. The landscape is razed and ravaged. I'm talking about the Moon. Perhaps you heard of it? It's difficult not to notice a worldly ornament, especially if its rocky face was jabbed a million times by asteroids and comets. So...straddle your nearest bottle rocket, light the wick, and let's blastoff to the Museum of Scars!



You’re guaranteed to gawk at variety of lovely craters: Catharina, Cyrillius, Theophilus, Menelaus, Posidonius…plus more!



Catharina, Cyrillius and Theophilus


You’ll float above ancient solidified lava plains and devastated ridges. Mountains of madness reach upward into the inky black—the sea that holds the stars. Our imagination can only paint an ethereal picture of what exists beyond our visual limit.


Admission is free!  The Museum of Scars is open 24/7: press the play button and enjoy the view!


** Technical Information **


Date: April 12, 2016

Lunar Phase: First Quarter

Seeing: Poor (minor shaking)

Weather: Good

Telescope: Orion Apex 102mm (focal length 1300mm)

Accessories: Orion Shorty 2x Barlow Lens

Goal:  Crater Exploration, First Lunar Movie Recorded



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11 Comments on Lunar Cinema: Museum of Scars

  1. Good stuff and interesting footage, well done creating that..not as easy as it looks. Top Marks, Mr Fly

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    • Thanks for visiting the Museum of Craters! I recorded higher quality footage about a week ago and created a few more short movies. I’ll probably most another one relatively soon.


  2. The view of the moon was from using your telescope?

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  3. Fine lunar cinematography! You made the moon seem to pulsate. Very cool! Hey, thanks for the link to Lovecraft’s audiobook! Awesome.

    My favorite Lovecraft moon quote:

    I hate the moon – I am afraid of it – for when it shines on certain scenes familiar and loved, it sometimes makes them unfamiliar and hideous.

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  4. Amazing how close you can see with your telescope.

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    • I cropped some of the footage and that helped to get a bit closer. My 2x Barlow lens also helped. The footage is somewhat shaky and I made a few mistakes while recording, however, the other videos I recorded came out much better. Stay tuned!

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