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Whispering Winds

  Trees stretch their limbs toward a celestial canvas. My feet march upon unsteady gravel. But I keep going. The lights above burn through the suffocating black and drag me toward the shore of unknown.


A lighthouse shines inside the starry lion. No matter how dark…no matter how silent…the lighthouse illuminates a fool’s steadfast will.


Stop. Turn back. This is far enough. It’s never far enough. I’ll never turn back. The dark can only hide furry nocturnal scavengers. Daylight taught me the truth. I’ve seen the dead trees. The dead leaves. The singing birds. And the sprouting flowers. There’s nothing left to see and nothing to fear.


My feet take me deeper into the dark. My eyes can’t blink. Hypnotized…charmed…mystified…where am I?


Wind glides an airy finger across my face, and then wipes away an imaginary tear. The trees sway. The bark creaks. The leaves laugh. My senses are closing in, but my feet keep walking. My eyes fixated on the dark.


Aerial voices whisper and whistle inside of an invisible forest. It’s just the wind.


Are you sure? You’ll never know…you can’t know…the dark tells you what to see…


It’s just the wind.


The trees laugh and dance while the lighthouse shines inside of the starry lion. A cynical heart pumps my blood, and I’m willing to risk everything…for a darker truth. I’ve grown bored of what the daylight has to offer. I no longer want to see with my eyes. Intuition will lead this mortal man astray. That which is bound by fact shall never be feared. A possibility conjured by the mind needs to be respected.


…how can you be certain? Something is there…beyond the dark…beyond the trees…beyond the whispering winds…


** Based on True Events **

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7 Comments on Whispering Winds

  1. The lyrical stuff is brushing over you, very poetically written and I like your photo too and yes, the sound of the wind..I rather like it.

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  2. How you wax poetically about walking in the dark. A far better activity than waxing floors.

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  3. Such ponderance, Fly. Be careful of relying on the GPS too much. It can lead you astray. Better bring along a trusty map that’s tangible and real.

    Your words are beautiful and questioning. What is the starry lion you mention?


    • The starry lion refers to the constellation of Leo (Latin for lion). Jupiter currently resides in that constellation. Jupiter is also the lighthouse mentioned in the story, and it’s also the bright object toward the center of the photograph’s frame. Leo is also visible in the photograph.

      Listen to the wind…you might hear something! Haha

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