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Lunar Corona Manifestation

There’s something wrong with the Moon…or did you accidentally eat something magical? Again?

Hypnotic rings of loony illumination can only be caused by mushrooms ice or other atmospheric particles that manipulate lunar light (on a quantum level). A lunar corona can manifest out of nowhere, and then vanish…only to reappear a minute later. Spooky.



Ice laced clouds wrap around the lunar orb and bend light and blah blah blah—you heard it all before. We explored the fascinating technicalities of lunar coronas…but have you ever seen one? No? Great! If you don’t need the next six minutes of your life, then click the play button and watch a lunar corona manifest right before your very eyes. No mushrooms needed.


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10 Comments on Lunar Corona Manifestation

  1. Wow, you have dished one up just delicious…and delectable with suitably high end music…

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  2. No wonder you don’t need any other substances. Your video sufficiently mesmerizes and tranquilizes. Makes for a nice shot of the moonshine without the bad effects.

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  3. Are you trying to hypnotize us with your lunar corona film? I swear after watching your stunning movie, I wanted to howl at the moon!

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  4. Wow! Totally, totally cool.

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