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Solar Cinema: Descend into a Sunspot


The sun has been rather docile latelydid you notice? Probably not. Staring at the sun is rather unhealthy. And no one likes the smell of scorched eyeballs. It’s true. Solar activity can be unpredictable, but the sun is known to have a distinct moods every 11 years. Tantrums or perhaps a hellish hissy fit can occur during periods of low activity. Watch out.

Sunspots can sprout anywhere on the photosphere, or they can rotate into view. They’re kind of like stellar blemishes, but much more complicated. Blemishes can be caused by clogged pores, but sunspots are caused by twisted magnetic field lines—because the sun looooves to differently rotate. Sexy.

Sunspot 2524


Put on your wrap around shades, grab your sunblock, and let’s journey into a big fiery ball! Prepare to swim inside an oasis of plasma while you’re consumed by the maw of a sunspot!



** Technical Information **

Telescope: Orion Apex 102mm / Glass Solar Filter

Camera: Canon Rebel T5i (Prime Focus)

Seeing/Weather: Fair

Date: March 22, 2016


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11 Comments on Solar Cinema: Descend into a Sunspot

  1. You do push the envelope. Getting so close you could’ve scalded your own eyeballs. Of course, you’re all protected with Saran Wrap, or would that be foil?

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  2. What a fascinating post! I was amazed to read that the sunspots were known to be studied as early as 1610. Thanks for the links! I never knew the sun can be kinda lazy, at times — I guess it does throw tantrums, like you say and can refuse to emit as much heat for periods of time. Rivers known to be ice free can freeze over! Wow, the sun can be such a cold bitch. Lol!

    Your film was amazing. Kinda discomforting, as well… We got SO close to a sunspot (colonoscopy-ish close). Gulp. Haha!

    Excellent work. ☀️

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    • Thanks for watching! I think Galileo used sunspots to calculate how fast the sun rotated, but I could be mistaken.

      The sun needs a stellaroscopy every 500 million years \”/

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  3. As so often!: pretty dramatic stuff, accompanied by a sound track equally as dramatic with a surprising ending, Did you create that yourself also?

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