Dead Things: The Bridge Between Life and Death

Man-eating Tree Concept-3

You live. And then you die. It's as simple as that. Well...not really.


Col. B. Buster and friends travel through a fantastical forest while frenzied dark denizens moan and groan. The group soon grow tired and set-up camp beside a man-eating tree. Between yawns and snores—the tides of dream carry them to a place no mortal belongs: the bridge between life and death.



Would you cross this bridge

not knowing what lies in wait

on the other side?—Poet Rummager

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22 Comments on Dead Things: The Bridge Between Life and Death

  1. Symbolism abound everywhere . . . death = scythe, dead horse, Marvin’s presence; Mr. Grumble = the soldiers’ hunger personified; owl with bat wings = environmental pollution-based mutation . . . Another great video!

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  2. Brilliant: the croaking bull frogs and singing, shouting birds, the one-eyed owl and YES, yes, Marvin has made a mysterious appearance, oh yes…your mind, your imagination:..wondrously weird. Brilliant.

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  3. Been waiting on this for some time. Great film, great haiku. Looking forward to the next episode.

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  4. Thank you for sharing my haiku. Your versatility, in the creative field, is mind blowing. The setting looks so real; a far cry from the cardboard walls in the early Dead Things episode. 😊 Did you take the crew outside to film or was the set totally recreated by you?

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    • I typically begin with a cardboard stage, and then create the world. Moss, leaves, dirt, and grass…and then I add the unnatural stuff (plastic trees, props, tombstones, carriages…).

      After I’m done with the stage, I dismantle the entire scene, and then create another one. Can you recall the model scenes in the movie Beetlejuice? It’s kind of like that, but on a much smaller scale.

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  5. OMG, how odd, I just wrote a poem last night called “Dead Things.” Maybe we are psychic, eh? Cheers and happy weekend.

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  6. Yeah, throughout my stupidity i would probably cross the bridge no matter what was on the other side…

    Just the nature of my character..


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