Mr. Bonez…Learns to Fall!

Ouch...Mr. Bonez fell down! Learning to walk is tough!...especially when you're dead! And have cobwebs in your skull. And no muscles.

Don't laugh—Mr.Bonez will have a bone to pick with you.

Mr. Bonez Falls

When Mr. Bonez falls

flat on his buttocks, he finds

the grit to get up.

** Haiku by Poet Rummager **

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“It’s not how hard we fall that matters but our will to rise again.”

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14 Comments on Mr. Bonez…Learns to Fall!

  1. Nice one FTM

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr. Bonez is a trip! Lol. Get it??😀 Hey, did you like my quote — .”.. rise again.” Did you catch that? Cuz he’s dead, you know! Clever, huh?

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    • Very clever! I added the quote toward the end of my post (beneath the Mr. Bonez image)

      Did you make the quote? If not — do you know who said it?

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      • Thank you, Monster! I wrote the quote especially for …… drumroll… please……. Mr. Bonez!! I did see where you put the quote. Fine place for it. Thanks. 💋 I think I like Bonez better than… more drumroll….. Marvin!! I like my men clean with all their limbs attached; even if they’re skeletal. 😜

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      • I suppose Mr. Bonez and Marvin have one thing in common — they both no longer have a face! Haha

        Nice job on the quote!

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      • No face and other missing things, I’m sure 😀

        Aw, quit making me all giddy! Lol.

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  3. Learning how to walk is natural. Learning how to fall and get back up is a science. Great animation. I am concerned about Marvin, however.

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  4. You’re getting better with your zaps and zings. All Mr. Bonez has to do now is singz.

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  5. He is pretty athletic for one so dead, surely that has to be admired and if possible emulated?

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