Creepy Creature Cinema: Long Longs & Short Fangs


The air is cold. The days are short. There’s nowhere to hide.

Something is looking for you. And it has very long legs.

Finger-like fangs will bring you closer to its mouth.

Did you say your prayers?…



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20 Comments on Creepy Creature Cinema: Long Longs & Short Fangs

  1. For those concerned i have change my blog, just a little from these two ( and to


  2. I have 3 spiders like that hanging above my bed high up on the ceiling, now there are only two as one has eaten the other, and I saved a ladybird out of an spider’s cocoon today.. my war on spiders has just not want too many in the house and find myself cocooned in a giant web, unable to move and no knight to rescue me ..oh no, what a nightmare. xxx

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  3. I think this long legs is getting ready for a date. A date who is running VERY late. She may appear to be patient, but this will not end well.

    Nice camera work!

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  4. I can picture a horror movie scene close-up of a hundred of those crawling all over a person who is bound up with the person’s mouth propped open. The movie title would be “Say Ahhhh!”

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  5. Those fangs are super long and do look dexterous! I had no idea spiders (that’s a Daddy LongLegs, right?) were so fastidious in their grooming or perhaps he keeps re-counting his legs to make sure he isn’t missing anymore — he only had six. Very cool and loved the profile shot, too 🙂

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